Vidya Vox


Vidya Vox brings together influences of her Indian-American heritage to create music that is refreshingly unique and contemporary, seamlessly fusing together the intricacies of Indian music with elements of electronic and hip-hop for an undeniably catchy sound. Since launching her YouTube Channel in 2015 with mashups of Western pop hits and music from her native India, Vidya has amassed over a billion views and over 7 million subscribers, changing the course of her life in ways she never thought possible.

Vidya’s initial direction was medicine, not music. But it was while she was on a pre-med track at George Washington University that she indulged in her passion for music, and began posting YouTube videos. Upon graduation, Vidya took the leap and decided to pursue a music career full time.

Mad Dreams, Vidya’s sophomore release, continues Vidya’s dream of creating original culture- and genre-blending songs that fuse the contemporary and traditional in a distinctly original sound universal in appeal. Like Kuthu Fire, Vidya’s first EP of original songs, Mad Dreams is fueled by Vidya’s crystal-clear and agile voice that transcends genres.

With over 300 million views, one of Vidya’s most successful videos, Be Free, is an original song from Kuthu Fire, mixed with Malayalam folk song “Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam.” Vidya’s mashups have since gained worldwide recognition from the likes of Major Lazer, Diplo & Hrithik Roshan. Vidya has been featured in publications such as Billboard, LA Times, Vogue, Elle, NPR, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and many more.

Vidya performs live with her own band throughout the world, including India, Mauritius, Trinidad, Suriname, Dubai, Hong Kong, and the U.S. Vidya was born in Chennai, grew-up in Virginia, and is based in Los Angeles. She grew up singing Carnatic Classical music, and is  currently learning Hindustani Classical and taking Western voice lessons. When Vidya isn’t singing, writing, producing and posting to YouTube, she’s enjoying the warm weather, tennis, reading, and expanding her dance repertoire. Vidya continues to explore the new directions that music takes her, and truly hopes you will join her on this journey.