Kayan (Ambika Nayak)

Singer, DJ & Actor

Singer, producer-DJ, model, actor, and voiceover artist, Ambika Nayak is a young maverick now manifesting everything she wanted to be growing up. Amongst her developing personas is Kayan. A clever flip of her last name, read with a sense of mystique and curiosity, it just stuck-birthing Kayan, who seeks solace by inhabiting soul, electronic, pop and R&B terrains. As Kayan, in her honeyed vocal style that’s informed by artists such as Jorja Smith and Kali Uchis, she’s always singing about stories–a theme she plaintively carries forward in her debut single “Please.” With a keen determination towards levelling up and expanding her audience, it’s this very flow of enthusiastic energy that makes Kayan one to watch. She’s already conquered stages around the country, holding forth a distinctive narrative as a rising artist who can’t stop, won’t stop.