Merlin Dsouza

Music Composer/Director/Pianist

MERLIN spells Magic Creating musical footprints in her musical
Yatra and Journey!
A huge variety, a perpetual individuality…
Talent meets technique, power and passion meld together.
There’s verve, there’s flourish.
There’s magic.
Who is Merlin What is she?
Let her music be the answer.
It all began in a close knit musical Goan household where
playing by ear to learning classical piano from age six was a
…birth right! Her parents and Music teacher nourished the
passion and talent through the growing up years.
Composing arranging scoring her first musical theatrical play at
seventeen years of age. She went on to play on Radio, National
Competitions and finally got her Diploma through Trinity College
of Music, London along with a Degree in Psychology and a
diploma in Public Relations and Travel and Tourism.
From performing at The World’s wonder TAJ MAHAL to around
the world
her Musical Milestones are vast varied and exciting!
Fondly called the “FEMALE REHMAN” whose body of work
extensively includes many exciting genres of music. She has

composed and produced music for Bollywood ,Theatre, Sonic
Branding, Albums, From the Blue Note in the US to all over India
she continues to tour extensively across Europe, Asia and America.
Music…is what drives her and makes her heart Beat!