Muskan Sethi

Brand Ambassador - Baazi Games

Muskan Sethi is a professional poker player and a prominent figure in the Indian poker community. She is also an advocate for responsible gaming and has worked with organizations to promote safe and fair gaming practices.Sethi has won multiple tournaments and cash prizes in poker, both in India and internationally. She is known for being the first Indian woman to play professional poker on the global circuit and for her efforts to encourage more women to participate in the game.In addition to her career as a professional poker player, Sethi has also been involved in the real money gaming industry in India, particularly in the area of skill-based games. She has been a spokesperson for various real money gaming platforms and has expressed her belief in the potential for such platforms to promote skill development and provide opportunities for players to earn money.However, Sethi has also emphasized the importance of responsible gaming practices and has worked with organizations to promote player safety and well-being. She has called for regulations and safeguards to ensure that real money gaming remains a fair and transparent activity.