Zerah Angela Gonsalves

CEO - League of Extraordinary Games

Change is a constant in life, and in her 10 years of experience in the esports and video gaming industry, I’ve seen incredible progress while knowing there’s still much to achieve. Her passion for video games began as a player and has become an integral part of her lifestyle.

She is proud to build her own brand as one of India’s top female shout-casters, and have served as a Brand Ambassador, Content Creator, and Speaker for various organizations and brands. Her work with Nodwin Gaming, India’s leading gaming and esports company, has included on-air hosting, content creation, and shout-casting for both live and recorded events.

As her experience grew, she transitioned to become the Head of Talent for the company. Her role focused on onboarding top-notch talent for broadcast shows, integrating influencers for brand activities, and nurturing aspiring shout-casters and content creators.

Now, as an esports networker and brand integration specialist, she creates unique content ideas and integration techniques for brands new to the esports and video gaming market, while also providing influencers tailored to each brand’s requirements and product. You may even see her on-screen as a shout-caster or event host, as it gives her valuable insight into the audience’s mind-set and helps her stay connected with them on a personal level.

Recently, she assumed the position of CEO at the League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG), a renowned game-tech company and a professional esports service provider with a decade of experience in production services and studios for developing exclusive white-label events in the esports industry. LXG has been at the forefront of providing esports career opportunities to young esports athletes by establishing premium gaming arenas throughout the country. She has also gone ahead and co-founded a creative agency by the name of ‘GG Space’, which she’s building very passionately on the side.

In the upcoming year, she aims to leverage her experience and expertise to help the next generation of gamers enter the industry. By building new opportunities for young talents, she hopes to create more value for the industry.”